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At Avisons we provide support to all businesses to ensure that you are and remain compliant when it concerns the Health & Safety of your employees and others who are affected by your business.

Our service is not only to try and protect your business when the regulators are at your doorstep, we aim to provide a service whereby our experts can put measures into place which can prevent investigations and incidents.

All companies are affected by Health & Safety laws and therefore not only should businesses observe these regulations, they must also put measures into place demonstrating that they have done so.

The complexity of these regulations can lead to busines owners ignoring these regulations however the implications of doing so can be catastrophic for the business. It is therefore important to take pro-active steps to seek advice to ensure that your business is compliant with the law, as opposed to reacting when an accident happens.

The Service we offer

  • Advice on regulatory compliance
  • Advice on the potential liabilities of business transactions
  • Representation during proceedings involving Gross negligence manslaughter
  • HSE and local authority investigations
  • Enforcement, improvement and prohibition notices
  • Appeals against improvement and enforcement notices
  • Representing companies and directors at PACE interviews
  • Advice and representation at all stages of Magistrates’ and Crown Court proceedings

At Avisons our health and safety solicitors are able to provide industry-specific advice ensuring that you are always one step ahead.

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