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Avisons solicitors have a team of Extradition Solicitors with extensive knowledge and expertise to defend you during the proceedings. We can help you from the moment that you are arrested, right through to the appeals procedure.


Extradition Proceedings

Extradition is the transfer of a defendant whose alleged offences, occurred in a country outside of the UK, to that country to be prosecuted or to serve a criminal sentence. Understandably, these cases are often stressful and upsetting, not only to the defendant directly but the family and close network as the individual is usually being sent to a country where the legal system is different to that of the UK and may on occasions lead to a sentence which is far more serious than what they would have received had the offence occurred in the UK.

How Can Avisons Solicitors Help?

It is vital that you are correctly represented. Defending an extradition case involves different considerations to those which would be at the forefront of your mind when defending the individual in a case which would be prosecuted domestically. Our team of solicitors have the expertise, resources and knowledge to advise on all considerations that are involved in an extradition case.

We can aid you through;

  • Your bail application
  • Any human rights issues
  • Any Appeals
  • Appointing the best barrister for your case
  • Instructing and liaising with foreign lawyers and law firms

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